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This website summarises the many years of efforts of the Council for the Protection of Memory of Strugle and Martyrdom (Rada Ochrony Pamięci Walk i Męczeństwa - ROPWiM) to commemorate the victims of the Katyn Massacre, currently continued by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The activity of the ROPWiM in this regard was multidimensional.

After the first sampling and exhumation, work was carried out as part of a 1991 Soviet investigation with the participation of Polish representatives. Following the signing (after protracted negotiations) on 22 February 1994 of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Government of the Russian Federation on the Graves and Memorial Sites of Victims of War and Repression, it became possible to carry out sampling and exhumation work at Katyn, Mednoye, and Kharkiv, i.e., the sites where the bodies of Polish prisoners of war from special NKVD camps in Kozelsk, Starobilsk, and Ostashkov were buried. The ROPWiM commissioned and conducted the work  in the years 1994–1996. This work continued in 2001, 2006–2007, and 2011–2012 in Bykivnia near Kyiv. In 2000, the Polish War Cemeteries in Katyn, Mednoye, and Kharkiv were ceremonially opened and consecrated, followed by the cemetery in Bykivnia in 2012.

We include two articles by Jolanta Adamska, featured in the Bulletin of the ROPWiM Przeszłość i Pamięć (“Kharkiv 1940–2000,” Bulletin no. 2 (15) 2000, and “Katyn Mednoye 1940–2000,” Bulletin no. 3 (16) 2000). We wish to recall them although 20 years have passed since their writing, as they are excellent texts documenting the circumstances surrounding the establishment of the Katyn cemeteries. It is worth going back to them, as we are currently celebrating not only the 80th anniversary of the Katyn Massacre, but also the 20th anniversary of the creation of those three cemeteries. We are also making available a short 2012 publication concerning the building of the Bykivnia cemetery.

Parallel to work on personal inscriptions for the first three Katyn cemeteries, conducted by experts appointed by the Independent Historical Committee for Investigation into the Katyn Massacre, the first Cemetery Records Book, containing biographical notes of victims resting in Katyn, has been prepared for publication; the ROPWiM published it in 2000. The next Books were published in 2003 (Kharkiv), 2006 (Mednoye), and 2015 (three volumes of the Bykivnia Cemetery Records Book).

On this website, you will find electronic versions of the Cemetery Records Books for the cemeteries in Katyn, Kharkiv, and Mednoye.

Many years have passed since their publication. During this time, our knowledge about the Katyn Massacre and its victims has considerably improved. The families of victims buried in Karyn, Kharkiv, and Mednoye continued providing the ROPWiM, as the publisher of the Cemetery Records Books, with materials for correcting and completing the biographical data. The ROPWiM also initiated work on the Cemetery Records Book of the Polish War Cemetery in Kyiv-Bykivnia, the first publication to present full biographical notes of the persons commemorated at that cemetery, which will soon be completed. The identity of many of those individuals was previously unknown.

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, which took over the duties of the dissolved the Council for the Protection of Memory of Strugle and Martyrdom in 2016, decided to initiate work aimed at making these unique data, amassed for years on the Victims of the Katyn Massacre, available to the public. The search engine available on this website allows access to the most up-to-date knowledge contained in the Cemetery Record Books, corrected and completed based on materials of various origin. The data will be systematically updated based on new sources. Photographs will also soon be added.